Greetings Valued Guest
Welcome to the website world of the Orange Peel Gazette of Lake County, Illinois. This
is an ad paper that is published twice a month; on the first and the fifteenth of each
month. Our aim is to bring customers to the local business that will be able to best fulfill
their needs.
To us, every business is as unique as the need of the individual customer/client. Each
business or enterprise in Lake County has its own distinct offerings and benefits to
present to the potential customer or client. Our publication will endeavor to unite a
customer/client with the merchant/professional that will suit the searcher’s requirements.
Within the realm of business, the client or customer is the most important commodity;
pleasing the customer is of the utmost importance. In our publication, advertisers can
display their offerings, wares, specialties, or expertise, announcing to the Orange Peel
Gazette reader, how they may be of service.
The advertisements in the Orange Peel Gazette of Lake County are framed with
humorous jokes and stories to entertain the reader who is perusing the publication in
general or searching for a specific need. Advertisements in the Orange Peel Gazette of
Lake County ‘catch the eye’ of people in all walks of life; humor is a great equalizer.
Our ads are among the most reasonably priced in the area and our paper is delivered
twice a month to various establishments within Lake County, Illinois.  Our distribution is
constantly growing, with new businesses being added weekly.  Our paper, unlike many
others is not quickly discarded, but due to its content, is shared with friends and
If you are a new business or one that has recently changed location, you need to alert the
public. If you are an established business, a reminder of your existence, with or without
changes is essential. The public needs to know that you desire their patronage! “I can’t
afford to advertise! Can you afford not to advertise?”
Call us and we will help you to promote your endeavor, great or small. We are very
pleased to design ads of various sizes and shapes. Unique is a welcomed challenge.
In this economy, people are happy and relieved to shop locally, give them that option;
announce your specials and sales. Call the Orange Peel Gazette of Lake County; we’ll
make you a SUPER STAR.
Call for our rates and ad sizes – make “Shop Locally” the catch phrase of Lake County,